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Who is Travis Mewhirter?


Basketball—started playing when he could walk. Soccer—played year-round all throughout his life. Baseball, golf, tennis—yep, that too. But volleyball? Travis Mewhirter didn’t pick up a volleyball until 2014 at the age of 24. You could call him a late bloomer. 

Perhaps it was the fact Mewhirter sprouted an extra seven inches freshman year of college, hitting the charts at 6’5”—something him and his high school coaches wished he could of leveraged on the basketball court in his teens. Even though he’s entered the sport of beach volleyball a little later in life, Mewhirter is known on and off the court for his contributions to the sport—covering the game in an entertaining and engaging way, while also putting his time and sweat in the sand—playing in volleyball events around the globe (even some snow!). 

Mewhirter’s been giving the sport the attention it deserves through his years of writing and reporting. A wealth of knowledge on players, the game and history of the sport, it’s only suiting Mewhirter be named p1440’s resident writer for all things volleyball—world tour, pro, college, youth, development and more. But how did he get here? 

The native Marylander grew up in a town where Friday night football shut the city down and sports ran in everyone’s blood, so naturally it only made sense that Mewhirter would find his path in sports. With a love for writing and sports, he combined these two passions to make a career at covering all types of sports. He got his first writing gig writing for his local newspaper as a junior in high school—covering sports in Baltimore County. 

Mewhirter attended the University of Maryland and studied journalism. With the help from a professor, he got a sports reporting position at The Washington Post. After graduating, he made his way down to Florida, where he worked covering football and high school sports. Mewhirter had his eyes set on joining a basketball league in Florida, but while he was out enjoying a local bar on the beach, it’d be a waitress that’d introduce him to beach volleyball, and he’d find the love for the game and never looked back. 

Mewhirter wanted to continue his sports reporting career and knew he needed to make the move to New York or Los Angeles. His newly found love for beach volleyball would make it an easy decision, so he moved to L.A., where the sport of beach volleyball lives and breathes, and started a beach volleyball blog. His blog quickly got picked up by Volleyball Mag and he started getting additional writing assignments with volleyball pubs like DiG Magazine. 

You can bet that Mewhirter has had some top beach volleyball moments as a player and writer. His favorite in-the-sand moment? Hands down had to be the first time he qualified with his partner, Raffe Paulis at AVP Austin. If you ask him, it took him a good 20 seconds to figure out that they had qualified after the opposing team hit the ball out of bounds. It didn’t just stop there, he had a slew of text messages from over 40 players that he’s looked up to, congratulating him. Perhaps, one of his favorite text messages received that day was from the main draw opponent that he’d go up against the next morning, Billy Allen, telling him he should stay up all night writing because he had an easy draw in the AM. 

Another pinch me moment for Mewhirter is when he gets recognized as the author of his most recent book, We Were Kings, a deep dive inside the lives of professional beach volleyball players, and readers thank him for telling the authentic stories about beach. Not only has Mewhirter written several books, he also covered the winter Olympics for Yahoo! in 2018.It was at this same time that Mewhirter discovered p1440 and soon joined the team to cover all volleyball news. 

Mewhirter writes daily for p1440 and loves everything p1440 stands for; he especially values how p1440 is closing the gap for developmental players—providing them training 2-3 times a week with the best coaches in the world. This is a big game changer for the men’s side of beach volleyball since it’s not currently offered at the collegiate level. He plans on continuing to help p1440 curate excellent digital content and become a top network for everything beach volleyball.   

So, what can you expect to find Mewhirter covering in the upcoming weeks on and the app? A lot of college stuff coming your way with the national championships coming up—he’ll be covering as many different schools as possible. Of course, FIVB as the 2020 Olympics approach and CBVA tourneys. You’ll also be able to find player stories—going behind the scenes with the professionals as they work towards qualifying for the 2020 Olympic Games.

Looking to connect with Mewhirter? Chances are you’ll find him at the beach, writing about beach, talking about beach or playing beach—maybe even reading a book when he’s taking a beach break. 

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