nat headshot
nat headshot

Natalie Warr

Photography + Videography Expert

p1440’s resident lifestyle photographer, Natalie Warr, grew up in San Diego and attended Palomar College, where she studied photography. She has been a lover of arts since childhood, thanks to her family immersing her into all types of art from a young age. Natalie originally thought she wanted to make and sell pottery; however, she followed her love for photography instead. She decided to take a leap of faith and pursue it as a career after taking some film photography classes. Natalie soon after that made the switch to digital and when an opportunity arose to open a studio and start her business, there was no question that was going to be the path she took.

Natalie has done photoshoots all around the world, including editorial and commercial work for a variety of different clients and industries. She has nearly a decade of experience shooting brands, influencers, families, headshots, newborns, events and births. Her favorite part of what she does is the opportunity to work with people and tell their story by capturing their inner and outer beauty. Natalie’s gift is capturing the sparkle in her subject’s eyes in the perfect moment. Photographing families is one of her favorite things to do because there’s nothing like capturing each person’s personality and their love for each other—that’s why shooting the Jennings’ family for the first time was so special to her. One of her other top moments was working with and photographing special needs communities at The Center for Learning Unlimited and Gigi’s Playhouse. Natalie’s work has been featured in SHAPE Magazine, Mini Maven, Poster Child Magazine, Model Life Magazine and more. In addition to doing multiple shoots for p1440, she’s also shot for The Chopra Center, Cinepolis, San Diego’s Liberty Station, VIM & VIGR and more.

Growing up as a swimmer and now being an avid triathlon athlete, Natalie connects with p1440 on the athletic level, as well as on the health & wellness side. She loves how p1440 encourages kids and families to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Natalie loves capturing the lifestyle elements at p1440 events, from all activities that serve as a reminder to live every minute to the fullest to demos that focus on eating healthy, exercising and learning—p1440 leaves her feeling inspired.  

When Natalie isn’t behind the camera you can catch her training for a triathlon, surfing, snowboarding, traveling, swimming or cooking. She also loves spending time with her friends and family; discovering and experimenting with recipes and learning culinary techniques; and enjoying the beautiful beaches in San Diego.