Meet Tommy Knox, p1440’s Performance Director


Tommy Knox of OC Fast Twitch has been training Kerri Walsh Jennings and Casey Jennings since 2001, so there was no question that he’d be the perfect fit to join the p1440 team as the performance director. After all, who wouldn’t want direct access to the man responsible for helping Kerri prepare physically throughout her whole professional career?

Knox has not only been Kerri and Casey’s trainer for over 18 years, but he’s also been one of their closest friends, Standard Process expert, and sounding board for many of life’s challenges.

A Doctor of Chiropractic, Knox is a performance chiropractic specialist focusing in nutrition and exercise. Knox is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength Association. A former collegiate wrestler, he has always had a passion for health, fitness, training, and overall wellness. So, how’d he get to where he is today?

An injury in college led him to get guidance from a chiropractor, which not only helped him get back to the wrestling mat, but also led him to his passion. A year later he decided to continue his studies and become a chiropractor to help other athletes with their sports injuries.

Ever since then, Knox has been focused on developing athletes from the elementary level to professional level in every sport. He spent his first few years going to 10-15 gyms in the Orange County area to help athletes with their training and creating individual programs to help them reach their goals. In the early 1990’s, Knox tried out and was a semi-finalist on the TV show, American Gladiators, and it was through a connection on the show that would take him to the next steps in his career.

After the show, Knox was introduced to high speed iso-kinetic equipment. He ended up testing out the equipment, training on it and fell in love with it. A few years later he decided to open his own training facility with this equipment, and OC Fast -Twitch was born. Knox has since trained many athletes— from NFL players to high school athletes training for college.

Within two years of opening OC Fast Twitch, a professional beach volleyball athlete, Brian Lewis, walked through Knox’s doors with an injury and needed his assistance. Knox used his equipment to help diagnose and heal the injury. “Lewey” returned to the sand and ended up training with Tommy for the final six years of his career. It was through this connection that Knox would meet Kerri and Misty May Trainer.

In 2001, ­­­­Kerri and Misty began training with Knox alongside Casey and his then-partner, Matt Fuerbringer. Knox would work out alongside the four athletes and train them for two hours a day. Since then, Knox has worked with many beach volleyball athletes. Through his experiences, he’s been able to identify the most common volleyball injuries and develop individual programs that encompass exercises focused on building and making the right muscles stronger to prevent these injuries.

Knox also has helped many up-and-coming athletes prepare for college—exposing them to what higher level players are doing and ensuring they know how to train properly when they hit the weight room to prevent injuries—from proper warm ups to cool downs. He’s helped collegiate athletes build their confidence and get a head start. 

As the performance director for p1440, Knox helps train the development team two-three days a week during the beach volleyball season. These athletes are running the same program as Kerri, while getting a one-on-one program catered to their strengths and weaknesses. He’ll also be creating training videos that are focused on lifting, exercises, mobility training and more for p1440 RISE. Members of RISE will get full access to the workouts and exercises that Kerri is doing to make them faster, more explosive and resistant to injury.