Coconut Cream & Seasonal Fruit Toast

By Chef Amber
Gluten Free, Vegan, and Vegetarian
PREP TIME: 10 min
COOK TIME: 5 min
TOTAL TIME: 15 min

A simple, healthy yet tasty toast perfect for breakfast or brunch.

This toast is a favorite for brunches because of its unequivocal beauty. It’s also a cinch to make. There is a more complicated way to make a coconut yogurt, but this recipe just has a quick coconut cream, the perfect vegan substitute for cream cheese or yogurt. Making brunch? Serve this alongside the frittata and your guests will have everything they need.


  • Coconut Cream:
    2 cups fresh coconut meat OR frozen fresh young Thai coconut (thawed) 1⁄2 cup water
    optional: lime, salt, stevia, collagen powder (not vegan/vegetarian)
  • 4 pieces sprouted wheat bread (or bread of choice, sub gluten free bread here)
  • Toppings:
    berries, figs, or fruit of choice cinnamon to sprinkle
    maple syrup to drizzle


  1. Blend the coconut meat and coconut water in a high speed blender.  Blend in a scoop of collagen if you want to make your yogurt even more nutritious. Add a squeeze of lime, a dash of salt, and a drop of stevia for flavor if you like.
  2. Slice your fruit thinly and pop your bread in the toaster, toasting it well so it will hold all the toppings.
  3. Assemble by layering yogurt on top of the toast, then your fruit, then a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a drizzle of maple syrup.