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Volleyball Legends to Announce at p1440 San Jose

Kerry Spike

Legendary beach volleyball players will come together to elevate the sport and announce at three-time Olympic gold medalist, Kerri Walsh Jennings’ event series, p1440 San Jose Invitational

Professional beach volleyball player and three-time Olympic gold medalist, Kerri Walsh Jennings’ event series, p1440, will have three-time Emmy Award winning broadcaster, Anne Marie Anderson and three-time beach volleyball Olympian, Holly McPeak, announce p1440 San Jose Invitational’s finals on ABC on Sunday, Sept. 30. Volleyball legends Sinjin Smith, Randy Stoklos, Mike Dodd and Tim Hovland will also commentate p1440’s live stream at the p1440 San Jose Invitational on Friday, Saturday and for a portion of the semi-finals on Sunday of the event weekend. The three-day event will feature a professional beach volleyball tournament with the best athletes from around the world, live music, a health & wellness village and development experiences.

“I am ecstatic and feel incredible satisfaction that p1440 has so many amazing and talented announcers and volleyball legends as our commentators for our inaugural event in San Jose. Anne Marie and Holly are the perfect broadcasters to call the finals—they have so much experience announcing volleyball and an abundance of knowledge about our sport; fans will be in for a real treat,” said Walsh Jennings, co-founder of p1440. “We also have iconic professional beach volleyball players, who I have looked up to throughout my career, coming together to announce our live stream. It is so meaningful not only to me, but to the entire volleyball community that Sinjin, Randy, Mike and Tim are going to participate in p1440’s endeavors to elevate the sport on an international level. These guys are living legends and they will provide insight and storytelling that the sporting world will love.”

The commentators are as follows:

Anne Marie Anderson — With more than 20 years of broadcasting experience, Anderson has covered various women’s Olympic sports as a host, anchor and reporter. In addition to covering six Olympic Games for ESPN over the course of two decades, she has also worked in several broadcasting roles with the MTN Network, CBS College Sports, FOX Sports and Versus. She has also won three National Emmy Awards for her work on SportsCenter.

“I’m so proud to be associated with p1440 and can’t wait to call their ground-breaking events with Holly,” said Anderson. “Kerri’s goal to improve upon the current professional beach volleyball landscape for both athletes and attendees resonates with me and it will elevate the sport.”

Holly McPeak — A true legend in the sport, McPeak became the first female beach volleyball professional worldwide to surpass $1 million in career earnings. The three-time Olympian’s accomplishments encompass a place in the International Volleyball Hall of Fame. McPeak won an Olympic bronze medal in the 2004 Games, received AVP’s Most Valuable Player in 1993 and has won 72 tournaments—the third most wins in history.

“I am excited to be a part of the p1440 movement and vision,” said McPeak. “The potential that p1440 has to create more opportunities for volleyball players is great and I look forward to seeing them grow!”
Sinjin Smith—Smith’s incredible accomplishments as an athlete earned him a place in both the International Volleyball Hall of Fame and the Beach Volleyball Hall of Fame. He is an Olympian and has won “King of the Beach” Invitationals and multiple Manhattan Beach Opens. Smith has the second most victories in history—139. He helped build the sport in the USA and also was instrumental in building the FIVB World Tour and getting the sport into the Olympic Games. In addition to serving as a volleyball icon on the court, Smith is also an author, commentator, entrepreneur, actor, coach and ambassador.

“I am happy to be part of the p1440 movement, work with the great Kerri Walsh Jennings and contribute to supporting the career of these talented athletes,” said Smith. “p1440 is a platform that offers more opportunities to more players and beach volleyball deserves this and I’m excited to commentate with the other legends in San Jose.”

Randy Stoklos — Making history as the first professional volleyball player to earn more than $1 million, Stoklos is in the International Volleyball Hall of Fame and the Beach Volleyball Hall of Fame. During the 1993 Beach World Championship, Stoklos kneeled before then President of the International Olympic Committee, Juan Antonio Samaranch, and asked him to include beach volleyball in the Olympic program—three years later, the sport debuted at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Stoklos is listed as having the third most wins of all time at 122 victories.
“The p1440 San Jose Invitational will be the beginning to a global elevation for beach volleyball,” said Stoklos. “It’s important for those who have had successful careers in the sport to support incoming talent and that’s what we will be doing in San Jose.”

Mike Dodd — Dodd had a career in beach volleyball for 18 years, which included winning the silver medal at the inaugural Olympic Games for beach volleyball in 1996. A standout in the sport, he captured 75 titles during his career, including five Manhattan Beach Open titles and three FIVB events. He has a place in both the International Volleyball Hall of Fame and the Beach Volleyball Hall of Fame.

“I am in excellent company among the commentators for the p1440 San Jose Invitational,” said Dodd. “Together, we will participate at this great event series and support the sport we love so much—it’s going to be a fantastic time.”

Tim Hovland — Hovland has earned a reputation as one of the most entertaining players to watch in the sport and he’s considered to be one of the most competitive and successful players to play on the AVP Tour. He has a total of 60 victories and has won three U.S. Championships, five Manhattan Beach Open titles and was voted AVP Best Blocker in 1989. He also has a place in the Beach Volleyball Hall of Fame.

“The sport is like home to me and I’m sure the other commentators and Kerri feel the same,” said Hovland. “The p1440 San Jose Invitational is going to be a celebration as well as a progression for beach volleyball and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it.”

Tickets for p1440 San Jose Invitational are on-sale now and can be purchased here.

After p1440’s inaugural event in San Jose, the event series will travel to Las Vegas, San Diego and Huntington Beach in 2018 and four additional cities in 2019. In the future, the p1440 event series will also be supported 24/7 by a powerful digital community that will provide constant inspiration and an abundance of resources to support living an optimal life. Together, the event series and digital experience will revolutionize and revitalize the sport of beach volleyball, provide a credible platform for aspiring and professional athletes, grow the volleyball audience and become the leading resource for individuals to live playfully.