Top Volleyball podcasts

Top Volleyball Podcasts You Should Tune Into Right now

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By: Kelsie Scrimms

Chances are you probably are either subscribed to a podcast, know of someone who listens exclusively to podcasts, or have a list of podcasts you’ve been meaning to check out. 

These days, podcasts are shaping up to be the next big media trend, with thousands of Americans tuning in on their way to and from work, while walking from one class to another, and everywhere in between. Nieman Lab reports that podcasts are the number one audio source played in cars, with the industry projected to grow further within the next few years.

Of course, the rise of podcasts reflects a wider shift in the communications world. Statistics gathered by Maryville University reveal that media content professionals are facing an exciting couple of years, with global mobile media traffic experiencing a 63% increase year-on-year. And although these trends affect all the media we consume — from videos to feature articles — they are also pushing the burgeoning world of podcasts to greater heights.

Part of the reason why podcasts are so popular is that people use them to gain new information. Dr. Ashok K. Roy from Kennesaw State University conducted a study that found podcasting to be most effective during adult education programs. His research ultimately highlights the medium as a way many adults gain new information, especially while on the go.

So if you’re a volleyball coach, a player, or just a casual fan, there is a whole host of podcasts that can give you a better understanding of the ins and outs of all things volleyball. 

Here are our top picks: 

For coaches

Coach Your Brains Out

CYBO, as it’s affectionally called, is hosted by a round table of top players and coaches: Billy Allen, John Mayer, Andrew Fuller and Nils Nielsen. The episodes are as insightful as they are thorough, covering the ins and outs of both indoor and beach volleyball. 

Technical Timeout

Think of this show as a mobile mentor. Each episode of Technical Timeout stars a different coach, who then shares key insights and resources that can help your practice.

The Net Live 

Hosted by two-time Olympian Kevin Barnett and AVP DJ Jeremy Roueche, this podcast has become a mainstay in the volleyball world. Expect a mix of topics, from interviews with top players to exciting NCAA updates. 

Get the Pancake

Get the Pancake has built a reputation for being a great resource for volleyball coaches, with lots of articles on how to coach better. This podcast turns all of their website articles into audio form, perfect for those with a busy schedule. 

For players, both serious and casual


Hosts Tri Bourne and Travis Mewhirter bring listeners into the world of beach volleyball, with episodes featuring key players and influencers who have shaped the sport. 

Get Psyched for Sports

This podcast focuses on sports psychology, with the “Trusting Your Skills in Volleyball Games” episode being an invaluable resource for players. In it, podcast hosts Dr. Patrick Cohn and Dr. Meghan Melchiorre unearth the psychology behind volleyball games and how to use this knowledge on the court. 

For the volleyball-curious

The Dig 

The Dig is a great resource for those with little to no knowledge of the sport. A lot of their episodes focus on the basics of the game, from discussing specific positions to the different types of offenses. 

FiveOne Volleyball 

This podcast is all about indoor volleyball, with a specific focus on major European leagues and other international circuits. It’s a great pick for fans who want to get a better understanding of volleyball on a global scale. 

These six podcasts should give you a good primer to the many volleyball podcasts available out there. In any case, they’re excellent learning material for when you’re done jamming to the p1440 playlist. 


Kelsie Scrimms is a volleyball enthusiast, and has been playing since she was a child. You can find her either on her way to play a volleyball tournament or at home trying out new chia bowl recipes.