This week in beach volleyball

This Week in Beach Volleyball: The Manhattan Beach Open, Grandaddy of Them All; Moscow Four-Star


Photo: Ed Chan

This week could be many things to those in the beach volleyball community. For some, it’s Christmas. Others, Wimbledon. The U.S. Open. There are so many names for this week’s major event on the beach volleyball calendar that to run through them all would be quite the feat. Whatever you’d like to call it, this week is, above all else, one thing.

Manhattan Beach Open week.

This is the event that domestic players, lest they’re in a tight Olympic race and are seeking any potential points — see: Kelley Larsen-Emily Stockman, Kelly Claes-Sarah Sponcil, Brooke Sweat-Kerri Walsh Jennings, Jake Gibb-Taylor Crabb, Billy Allen-Stafford Slick — will not miss. This is the event that international players would love a crack at.

It is, simply, the best beach volleyball tournament in the world. A 32-team draw with the biggest field, the most prize money, Gold Series points, a raucous, well-educated fanbase, on beach volleyball’s most historic proving grounds.

That all begins Thursday, with the qualifier, where 205 teams will battle for eight spots between the men and the women. It will conclude with Sunday’s always-sold out finals.

But there will be more on Manhattan later in the week. Here’s what’s on tap this week in beach volleyball:

AVP Beach Volleyball

August 15-18: Manhattan Beach Open

  • Qualifier begins Thursday
  • Main draw: Friday-Sunday
  • TV: Amazon Prime/NBC

FIVB Beach Volleyball

August 14-18: Moscow Four-Star

  • Who’s competing
    • Men: Billy Allen-Stafford Slick; Taylor Crabb-Jake Gibb
    • Women: Kerri Walsh Jennings-Brooke Sweat; Kelly Claes-Sarah Sponcil; Emily Stockman-Kelley Larsen.