This Week in Beach Volleyball

This Week in Beach Volleyball: World Championships Are Here


Take a rest, everyone outside of the top of the top of the world. Enjoy this week of, legitimately, nothing. There are no events to travel to, lest you count the Santa Barbara Open, one of the better CBVAs of the year.

Now, as for the top of the world?

Enjoy exactly what you’ve been preparing this entire season for: World Championships.

Phil Dalhausser and Nick Lucena; Tri Bourne and Trevor Crabb; Taylor Crabb and Jake Gibb; Billy Allen and Stafford Slick; Kerri Walsh Jennings and Brooke Sweat; Emily Stockman and Kelley Larsen; Sara Hughes and Summer Ross; Kelly Claes and Sarah Sponcil are all on flights bound for Hamburg, Germany, prepping for the biggest event of the FIVB season and also one of the most impactful of the Olympic race.

For many of them, Hamburg will be the start of a six-week overseas trek that will take them from Hamburg to Gstaad to Portugal or Canada – depending on who gets into what event – to Tokyo to Vienna and, alas, to Moscow or Manhattan Beach.

Everyone else, meanwhile, will get a bit of real rest during this month-long stretch between AVP Seattle and AVP Hermosa. Time to rest the legs and shoulder. Time to rest the minds. Time to rest the, blessedly, travel credit cards.

So enjoy this week off of beach volleyball. Prep yourselves for the frenetic push to come. Soon, it’ll be back to streaming, back to playing back-to-back-to-back-to-back.

Back to the beach.  

Streaming for Hamburg will be on