This week in beach volleyball

This Week in Beach Volleyball: AVP Austin, Olympic Chase Begins in Earnest

FIVB-Kerri Walsh Jennings-Brooke Sweat

Rest week is over. It’s time for the beach volleyball world to throttle it back up. We’re switching gears, too. The college season has officially come to a close, with this past weekend’s USAV Collegiate Beach Championships, though the individual players’ seasons may just be shifting gears, from representing schools to representing themselves on the professional circuits.

The AVP Austin entry list is filled with college pairs, some of whom, unfortunately, may not make it in. The good news is: There’s another AVP to follow, in Austin, always one of the most well-received events of the year, while the Olympic chase begins in earnest, as most of the top teams will begin an overseas journey that, for some, could last up to three months.

Here’s what’s on tap this week:

AVP Beach Volleyball

May 16-19, Austin, Texas

It’s a smaller draw than AVP Huntington, but with so many teams missing for a four-star in Itapema, Brazil, it kind of evens out. For the women, this is the equivalent to AVP San Francisco of a year ago, where it really wouldn’t be all that surprising to see a qualifier team in the semis or even the finals. Either way, a new team will be crowned a winner on the women’s side, as April Ross and Alix Klineman are in Brazil.

FIVB Beach Volleyball

May 15-19, Itapema, Brazil

  • Four-star in Itapema, Brazil
  • Who’s competing
    • Men: Billy Allen, Stafford Slick; Tri Bourne, Trevor Crabb; Theo Brunner, Reid Priddy; Chase Budinger, Casey Patterson; Ryan Doherty, John Hyden.
    • Women: Kelly Claes, Sarah Sponcil; Brittany Hochevar, Carly Wopat; Sara Hughes, Summer Ross; Alix Klineman, April Ross; Kelley Larsen, Emily Stockman; Kerri Walsh Jennings, Brooke Sweat.