This week in beach volleyball

This Week in Beach Volleyball: All Eyes on Vienna, The Penultimate Major of the FIVB Season


If the AVP were to designate a handful of its events as “majors,” as the FIVB, golf and tennis do, this past weekend in Hermosa Beach would certainly have been one of them.

It sort of does it, with the Gold Series, but, if everyone is being honest, Hermosa is a much bigger event for fans and players alike than New York City, the first Gold Series of the season. The draw is bigger. The fans come out in bigger droves. The qualifiers are more than double the size — this year’s Hermosa field featured a record number of qualifier teams, and a record number of women’s qualifier teams in the semifinals, with three.

Simply put, it’s a huge event, and from the standing room only crowd, to the spill-out area by the pier, it showed as much. Now, Vienna, Austria, will put on an event of similar relative magnitude, as the penultimate major of the FIVB season, where all of the world’s top talent will be competing for huge prize money and Olympic points in one of the best venues around the globe.

Here’s what’s on tap this week in beach volleyball:

FIVB Beach Volleyball

July 29-August 4: Vienna Major

  • Who’s competing
    • Men: Billy Allen, Stafford Slick; Tri Bourne, Trevor Crabb; Jake Gibb, Taylor Crabb; Phil Dalhausser, Nick Lucena; Theo Brunner, Reid Priddy.
    • Women: Kerri Walsh Jennings, Brooke Sweat; Kelly Claes, Sarah Sponcil; Emily Day, Betsi Flint; Alix Klineman, April Ross.

July 31-August 4: Slovenia One-Star

  • Who’s competing
    • Men: Mike Boag, Timmy Brewster.

Domestic Beach Volleyball

August 3-4: AVP Next Gold Series, Pompano Beach

  • Notables competing:
    • Men: Joseph Shimkonis, Kyle Radde; Mark VanZwieten, Mike Dipierro; Brad Connors, Matt Henderson; Piotr Marciniak, Rafu Rodriguez; JM Plummer, Logan Webber; Petr Doubravsky, Ryan Vandenburg; Garret Wessberg, Mark Tkaczuk; Garrett Peterson, Adam Wienckowski; Jhony Salvador, Shane Welch; Jon Justice, Evan Cory; Jake Urrutia, Dave Palm; Brian Tillman, Angel Dache.
    • Women: Madelyne-May Anderson, Kate Privett; Brook Bauer, Marija Milosevic; Kim Hildreth, Sarah Schermerhorn; Christina Matthews, Megan Rice; Katie Gavin, Simone Priebe; Katie Hogan, Brittany Tiegs; Annika Rowland, Teegan Van Gunst; Pri Lima, Jess Gaffney; Aurora Davis, Rachel Iaquaniello; Sara Putt, Kerri Schuh.

August 2-3: Manhattan Beach Six-Man

  • Madness ensues.