RISE Feature: Silver Beach Volleyball

Silver Beach Volleyball: ‘Once You Go Outside, You’re You Don’t Want To Go Back In’

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The youth indoor volleyball coaches in Austin, Texas, have come around. They know that one of the best possible training programs for indoor volleyball is to send their girls out to the sand during the off-season.

“But then, I say it all the time, ‘Once you go outside, you don’t want to go back in,’” Katie Lindelow, director of Silver Beach Volleyball in Austin, Texas, said. “They love it, and they end up wanting to commit to it a little bit more.”

They want to commit to it almost too much, in fact. In 2018, the first year that Lindelow was with the club, she coached 20 or 30 girls at Silver Beach. The second? Sixty regulars with an additional 30 who dropped in. All with the help of just Lindelow, Aaron Urbanek, Ted Gilkey, and Joan Beltran Pujols. The boon created the best of problems for a club to have: They needed to expand.

“Now the struggles are finding more coaches and more court space and more times to run the practices that we want to run because we outgrew ourselves for sure,” Lindelow said. That growth is already beginning to happen. Silver Beach absorbed Texas Eclipse, an indoor club in north Austin that had a beach program attached to it. It nearly doubled Silver Beach’s size overnight, but it came with three additional beach courts and an extra location outside of Aussie’s, a bar in Austin with two courts but not a lot of court time.

“I had 26 kids on two courts one day, all ranging in level of play,” Lindelow said. “I was like ‘Oh, boy, we need to expand. We need more time slots.’ We had so many kids show up.”

Most of those kids mentioned are in the younger demographic, the ones just beginning to test their sand legs. There are a number of more established clubs in the area, which makes Silver Beach the perfect club for the beginners, of which there are more and more every year.

It helps explain why the owners are looking for an additional facility, either to build or rent. And why, in the spring, Silver Beach will need more coaches, as the beach season begins in earnest once more.

Until then, they’ll continue to navigate the world’s best problem for a beach volleyball club to have: Too many kids wanting to play beach volleyball.