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RISE Program providing opportunity

p1440’s RISE Program all About One Word: Opportunity


The goal, in a word, is opportunity.

That is the five-syllable summation of p1440’s RISE program, which was launched earlier this year with the sole intent on providing more opportunities for athletes at the grassroots level. Opportunities for athletes to play more beach volleyball, yes, but it’s more than that. Opportunities to receive education in health and wellness — what to eat before and during tournaments, how to stay hydrated throughout a weekend playing in brutal Texas heat, how to build both the body and the mind in the development of a complete, holistic athlete.

Already, p1440 is providing that. It’s providing opportunities financially, supporting various organizations and affiliates with the support needed to put on tournaments. It’s providing opportunities via equipment, either with nets – like in Huntington Beach – or balls, antennas, lines, anything an affiliate may need.

“We wanted to bring more to the table,” said Fernando Sabla, who helped launch the RISE program. “Not just tournaments or giving medals away. It was about building a youth and amateur program that encompasses what p1440 is – health and wellness, nutrition, development, training, entertainment. The three that really stick out is health and wellness and development.

“The reason that it exists? To bring more opportunity for young players.”

This may, understandably, elicit eye rolls in Southern California, a land saturated with youth tournaments and camps and clubs. Pick a beach, any beach, on any weekend of the year and you’re likely to find a tournament or clinic of some kind.

But in Arizona? Ohio? Colorado? Texas? Utah?

As the RISE program was developing, Sabla had conversations with Ryan Mariano, a former AVP player and the founder of RPM Sand in Arizona.

“He’s the only one holding it down,” Sabla said. “And in Texas, one of the largest markets, there’s only ten to twelve directors running tournaments – in all of Texas. To be able to offer Nevada an opportunity to play a p1440 event, New York, Chicago – we all know is a great beach volleyball community – the Carolinas and the South? Those people need support to grow it in those regions.”

So while p1440 may be based in Southern California, its reach is intended to go far beyond the volleyball-rich bubbles of Orange and Los Angeles counties. Its reach is intended to go to those who don’t have a 15-minute drive – or walk, or bike, or skate – to Hermosa or Huntington Beach. Its reach is intended for anyone who wants to pick up a volleyball, whether that be in Nebraska, whose Huskers have but a single beach court, tucked into the back of a weight room.

“We want to be able to bring that to the entire country,” Sabla said.

When players enter the RISE program, they get more than simply a membership number and the ability to compete in tournaments either put on or supported by p1440. They get access to an abundance of resources with the online platform. There, they will be able to find instructional videos taught by Pepperdine assistant Jon Daze. They will be able to find exercise and workout videos taught by Tommy Knox of OC Fast Twitch.

What they get is this: opportunity. Opportunity to compete. Opportunity to practice. Opportunity to discover the passing drill that might make the difference between fifth and first. Opportunity to see the workout that could sustain their stamina throughout the weekend.

Opportunity to, as always, maximize their 1,440.