p1440 Rise National Championships

p1440 RISE National Championships Feature 200-plus Teams, Medalists From Six States


The inaugural p1440 RISE National Championships was a true National Championship, in every sense of the word. More than 200 teams across four divisions – 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U – descended upon Santa Monica for p1440’s first major youth tournament, which was held Saturday through Sunday this past weekend.

Teams hailed from California to New Jersey, Louisiana to Ohio, Arizona to Texas. Seventeen total states were represented, a number that is only likely to rise exponentially in the years to come.

The medal winners, too, came from all over, from San Antonio (Aubrey McBride, Kenzie Thomas, Canada Buchanan) and North Carolina (Brynn Covell), from Rio Rancho, New Mexico (Allyn Brewer) to Columbus, Ohio (Abigail Brunner), Mandeville, Louisiana (Madison Meyers) to Redwood City (Lucy Rankin), Bradenton, Florida (Ashley Pater) to Santa Barbara (Portia Sherman), Round Rock, Texas (Olivia Thex) to Ventura, California (Josie Ulrich).

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p1440’s partner affiliates throughout the country were similarly well-represented. Athletes from Digs, in Louisiana, Utah Beach Volleyball, 692 in San Antonio, 210 Beach, Next Level Beach, among a host of others, all participated in the event, a success by any measure given it being the first of its kind, and one of the first, if not the first, junior national beach tournaments to be live streamed to a national audience all three days.  

“The inaugural p1440 Juniors National Championships was one of the best run and successful beach volleyball tournaments I have ever been associated with in my 48 years of volleyball,” Dane Selznick, RISE Junior National Championships Co-Operations Manager, said. “The parents and young athletes enjoyed, for the first time, live streaming telecast, professional referees, excellent staff and professional competition equipment for the three-day event.”

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