p1440 Developmental Program

p1440 Off-season Developmental Session to Feature Dozens of New Faces, Big Talent


It was the final day of NORCECA Bonaire, a tropical island paradise of a beach volleyball tournament, and Jae-Lyn Visscher chided herself for sitting under the shade of a tent. It would be the last day, she said, sighing, that she would have the sun for a good while.

In a day’s time, she’d be back home. Home for Visscher is Alberta, Canada, where it’s currently sub-50 degree temperatures. Snow is expected any day now.

Not the ideal climate for a budding beach volleyball player on the Canadian national team. Unless she didn’t have to go home at all. Not permanently, at least.

“As someone from a climate with snow eight to nine months of the year, making the move somewhere warmer after college was inevitable if I wanted to seriously pursue beach volleyball,” she said.

Which is why, prior to the tournament, she had registered for the upcoming session of the p1440 Developmental Program. Because the tryouts had taken place the weekend of the NORCECA, she sent in film to the coaches, who are reviewing it and finding her a spot in the program.

Without the Developmental Program, she’d be in Alberta. In the snow. Not much beach training to be found. Instead, she’ll be able to move to a beach volleyball-friendly climate, one in which players from all around the world – including many of her fellow Canadians – move to in order to train, with a full coaching staff and a long list of peers with whom to train and compete.

“p1440 provides the structure and connections I needed to be able to grow my game,” said Visscher, who recently completed her graduate transfer year at Stetson. “With them focused on scheduling, coaching and training, it allows me to focus a lot more on volleyball.”

Visscher is one of dozens of new faces, Canadian or otherwise, to join the program in its upcoming session.

Some of the more notable names include former USC court one defender Abril Bustamante, AVP main draw regulars Alexa Strange, Jessica Gaffney and Brittany Tiegs, and former Pepperdine court one blocker Heidi Dyer, among a number of others.

On the men’s side, DR Vander Meer, Dylan Maarek, Ed Ratledge, Hawk Hatcher, Kacey Losik, Tim Brewster, and Phil Burrow, among more than 40 players, are adding to the ranks. A notable addition is also Branden Clemens, who enjoyed a few promising seasons on the AVP before tearing his ACL at the Huntington Beach Open this year.  

“I think it’s an incredible opportunity,” said Clemens, who has made nine AVP main draws. “Access to high level coaching, personalized training programs specialized for volleyball players, and treatment facilities is priceless for anyone grinding year-round to get better. With my injury specifically, I want to put in extra work this off-season.”