p1440 Rise Junior National Championships

p1440 Hosting RISE Junior National Championships in Santa Monica

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An unfamiliar sight presented itself last weekend on the West Coast: the sun. Yes, Mother Nature was sure to make May Gray and June Gloom happen to the fullest this year, but the rediscovered presence of the sun is a surefire harbinger of the summer season and, by extension, National Championship season for beach volleyball players.

As the beach volleyball world continues to grow, with the trickle-down effect of the college game more resembling an avalanche at the junior’s level, more organizations are giving girls and young women – and young men – opportunities to compete. p1440 is certainly no exception, hosting the RISE Girls Junior National Championships in Santa Monica this weekend, July 6-8.

More than 200 teams ranging from ages 12U to 18U, hailing from all over the country, will be competing in Santa Monica for the title of National Champion. Alongside the chance to win the tournament, and the prestigious accolades that come with it, the National Championships are an excellent opportunity for athletes to gain recognition from college coaches.

It is at events such as this that dozens of athletes not only realize their zeal and passion for the beach game, but are also discovered themselves by college coaches. Peruse UCLA’s roster alone, and you will find that Nicole and Megan McNamara were spotted by coach Stein Metzger at a summer event in California, same as rising senior Lily Justine. That trio went on to win two NCAA Championships, while the McNamaras are currently competing for a World Championship in Hamburg and Justine will have a crack at a third NCAA title next spring.

Confirmed to be in attendance this weekend are representatives from Cal Poly, Loyola Marymount and Long Beach State, all of whom enjoyed successful 2018 seasons, with Poly and LMU winning their conference and Long Beach putting together a winning campaign.

Athletes, too, will be featured on the p1440 livestream, which can be viewed on mobile devices via the p1440 app or the website, p1440.com. Four courts will be streamed throughout the entirety of the event, which will follow a pool play to elimination format, with the elimination rounds taking place on Monday, July 8.

Despite the age of the competitors, athletes will be treated as professionals, with a medical tent and Evolution Physical Therapy providing recovery equipment and treatment. All players will also receive a p1440 backpack and sports bras in which to compete.