p1440 Developmental Program

p1440 Developmental Program Seeking Talent for Summer Session

It began on a few frigid December mornings. The type where you can see your breath, even in Southern California, even when the sun is shining over Huntington Beach. Where the outfits resembled more that of the new sport of snow volleyball than the board shorts and bikinis of beach.

Eighteen teams – 11 women, seven men — made the cut after those few mornings in December for the inaugural class of the p1440 Developmental Program. The first session of the 2019 season is now over. After five months of multiple training days per week, under the tutelage of a cadre of Olympic-caliber coaches, the spring, rep-focused session has met its end.

A new session begins.

On May 13 and 14 at the Huntington Beach Pier, new tryouts will be held for the next class. The top four teams, as determined by p1440 Developmental Program Director Marcio Sicoli’s BVB system, from each gender, will be retained for the next session, while the remaining spots are back up for competition.

On the women’s side, Madison Willis and McKenna Thibodeau, Tani Stephens and Tina Toghiyani, Jade Hayes and Kirsten Overton, and Kristen Petrasic and Heather Friesen will retain their spots. On the men’s, Travis Mewhirter and Myles Muagututia, Hagen Smith and Steve Irvin, Cody Caldwell and Jay Panther, and Kris Johnson and Chris Austin will retain theirs.

There are, aside from the coaching and training and various sponsorship perks, such as a membership and personal training at OC Fast Twitch, incentives. The top two ranked teams of the spring program received $4,000 per team, which also factored in performances at the monthly intrasquad tournaments, another feature that will continue throughout the summer session.

These next tryouts will not be held on a cold and frigid morning. It will not look like snow volleyball. It will look like the next class of up-and-coming talent in the beach world. So ready yourselves.

Summer is coming.

Dates to know for the p1440 Developmental Program Summer Session

  • Tryouts: May 13-14, Huntington Beach Pier, 8-11 a.m.
  • Media Day: May 22-23, Huntington Beach Pier
  • Intra-squad tournaments, Huntington Beach Pier:
    • 6/13
    • 7/11
    • 8/1
    • 8/22
    • 9/12
  • Women’s practice schedule
    • Locations: Huntington Beach Pier; Longfellow Ave, Hermosa Beach
    • Monday, Wednesday: 7:30-11
  • Men’s practice schedule
    • Location: Longfellow Ave, Hermosa Beach
    • Tuesday, Thursday: 9:30-noon