One Love Movement – When Compassion Becomes Action


When Kim Bauman volunteered at an orphanage in Haiti in 2012, she had no idea the experience would change her life forever. For the first time, she was getting a glimpse at what her life could have been if she was dealt a different hand—growing up in an orphanage.

Kim was born in Seoul, South Korea and was abandoned as a new born. A doctor found Kim and delivered her to a hospital, where she was then turned her over to social services. Kim was fortunate enough to be adopted by an American family and raised in a wholesome environment, first Minnesota, Wyoming then South Dakota.

Kim had heard stories of her start in life, but she had never pictured the reality of her potential fate. In that moment, when Kim was playing with the children at the orphanage in Haiti, she had a change of heart that would alter her life path. Inspired to make a difference for all children, she launched One Love Movement, a non-profit organization committed to bringing people together to take action and build support for projects advancing social justice.

This year, our p1440 team is honored to support the One Love 7th Annual Charity Yoga Event on Sunday, September 23, at 9 a.m. in Waterfront Park in San Diego, California. More than 1,000 yogis will flow together in one giant yoga class with live music and a beer garden to follow. Our very own Kerri Walsh-Jennings will be the keynote and mingle with attendees. All proceeds will benefit under-represented kids. To register for this event, click here.

“Our events, programs and original content empower individuals to realize their innate strength and use their compassion to create a more just world,” said Kim. “I want to help children experience a better life, to understand their worthiness and give them what they deserve.”

One Love Movement hosts events and raises funds to support organizations that specialize in Child Welfare, Humanitarian Aid, K-12 Education and Social Services. Currently, One Love Movement is the fiduciary for a shelter in Bangalore, India, that’s home to 17 boys, providing each boy with all their needs to live a better life. In addition, One Love Movement has improved the surrounding and infrastructure of 36 under-developed schools in India. The organization has also stepped in to support families impacted in Puerto Rico by directly donating to a small group of volunteers who work face-to-face with families affected.

“My dream is to find the foster family, the doctor who found me abandoned, the social worker and anyone that helped me as an orphan. I want to go back to volunteer, and create a One Love project to help the kids living in Seoul, South Korea whose shoes I was once in,” shared Kim.

For more information about One Love Movement and to support their programs and events, please visit