OC Fast Twitch

OC Fast Twitch: Where Beach Volleyball Players Are Made

It isn’t just a weight room tucked into the rear of the Los Caballeros in Fountain Valley. Gone are the old school norms of more weight and heavier loads. Thrown out is the traditional mantra of “If it hurts, good.”

No, OC Fast Twitch is not your typical weight room, nor are its trainers the standard ones you’ll find at a 24 or LA Fitness. They’re sport-specific. They’re multidimensional. They explain everything.

“The first thing we do,” OC Fast Twitch general manager and trainer Josh Gage said, “is we want to balance everything. Part of the reason is, if you look at an athlete and what they do, depending on the sport and the movement, they’re repeatedly doing that movement a lot at their practices. So when an athlete comes in here, we always look at them like ‘Ok, wow, your body is actually really imbalanced because we’ve spent a lot of time on this specific movement plane, with these specific movements.'”

The mantra at OC Fast Twitch, then, isn’t the drumbeat of most gyms, the “bigger, faster, stronger.” Instead, it’s “Building better athletes.” Athletes, meaning individuals with more functional movements and muscles, not necessarily bigger and stronger ones. More pliable and dynamic rather than flashy and aesthetic.

“That can mean a lot of things,” Gage said. “One of the first things we look at are what they currently do that are causing imbalances. So we balance the body out, then we build them.”

With its partnership with p1440’s Developmental Program, which gives athletes access to Fast Twitch’s facilities and staff, the next generation of beach volleyball players are being built there, as has generations of athletes before it. Take an inventory on the wall at Fast Twitch and you will see everything from USC football players to Kerri Walsh Jennings to Olympic lifters and American gladiators.

They build them all at OC Fast Twitch. And now, with the summer session of p1440’s Developmental Program beginning, they have another class to balance out, to build, to introduce to a new school style of training. A new class to show just how effective their bodies can be.