OC Fast Twitch: RDL

OC Fast Twitch Exercise Series: Romanian Dead Lift

One of the core elements of p1440 is health and wellness, fine tuning both the body and the mind so that we can maximize every one of our 1,440 minutes in each day. Another element of p1440 is our focus on developing promising beach volleyball athletes through our Developmental Program, a five-month long training program featuring a collection of the finest coaches in the world.

In this series, we’re combining both, giving you a behind the scenes look at how our developmental athletes have been training in the weight room, thanks to our partnership with OC Fast Twitch in Fountain Valley.

Today, OC Fast Twitch General Manager and trainer, Josh Gage, walks you through the Romanian Dead Lift. Better known by its shorthand, the RDL, it is a ubiquitous lift amongst athletes looking to make explosive movements, working virtually all muscles in the legs as well as the upper back and lats.

“It’s really important for athletes to be balanced,” Gage said. “Because unbalances in the body are one of the main things that lead to injury.”

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