Kerri Walsh Jennings on Freaknomics

Kerri Walsh Jennings appears on two-part Freakonomics series

Kerri Walsh Jennings

As if making a push for a sixth Olympic Games, founding a company, p1440; playing in the three p1440 events – and winning one, in Huntington Beach, with Brazilian Rebecca Cavalcanti – mothering three children, filming ad spots and documentary pieces, and somehow expanding your standard 24 hours in a given day to cram all of that in, Kerri Walsh Jennings has, most recently, appeared on a series of podcast episodes of Freaknomics.

It’s a fascinating series that goes far beyond the narrow scope of beach volleyball, featuring guests ranging from economists such as Toby Moskowitz, NBA players like J.J. Redick, gold medalist gymnasts in Shawn Johnson, NFL defensive back Domonique Foxworth, among a host of others.

It’s a two-part series, and you can find the episodes below. Enjoy!

Think Like a Winner: Great athletes aren’t just great at the physical stuff. They’ve also learned how to handle pressure, overcome fear, and stay focused. Here’s the good news: you don’t have to be an athlete to use what they know.

Not Just Another Labor Force: If you think talent and hard work give top athletes all the leverage to succeed, think again. As employees in the Sports-Industrial Complex, they’ve got a tight earnings window, a high injury rate, little choice in where they work — and a very early forced retirement.