p1440 Developmental Tournament

Jerger-Moreland, Vander Meer-Webber Win Second p1440 Developmental Intrasquad Tournament


BOCA CHICA – Maybe the easy road is the one preferred by Bre Moreland and Macy Jerger, but it’s not the one they chose to take on Thursday afternoon in Boca Chica for the second p1440 Developmental Intrasquad tournament of the fall session.

They chose the path of most resistance, as they dropped the first set of both the semifinals, against Alexa Strange and Jessica Gaffney, and the finals, against Taylor Rasich and Heidi Dyer. And then they came back to win both, capturing their second tournament win in five days after winning Sunday’s CBVA. The men’s side was won by DR Vander Meer and Logan Webber, who beat Garrett Roberts and Brian Miller 21-18, 21-18.

“We did a really nice job of refocusing and coming back,” Moreland said. “I really enjoyed that reset in between set one and set two in the semis and finals and coming back and dialing it in. It wasn’t any strategical adjustments, it was just our side. I’ve really enjoyed working on that just through this session so far.

“It’s just our own side: ‘Hey, can you find this set, what do you like here, what do you want to do on the on two play,’ just figuring out how we’re going to respond on our side of the net. I’ve enjoyed working on that for sure.”

It’s showed. They’ve played six tournaments as a team now. Their first, at the AVP Manhattan Beach Open, resulted in a main draw. The last two have ended on top.  

“I think we just have each other figured out,” Jerger said. “I know what she needs and she knows what I need.”

It is no small indicator of team chemistry that not only do the two know what each other want, but that they are able to communicate that to one another.

“I enjoy that and I know she’s getting more vocal, just being able to say ‘Hey, move over’ or whatever and to know it’s not personal,” Moreland said. “I think a lot of new partnerships struggle with that.”

The men’s winning partnership, Vander Meer and Webber, is not a new one. It’s the one that earned Webber’s first main draw, in Huntington Beach of 2018. And it took quite the gauntlet to get there: a quarterfinal win over Kevin Villela and Branden Clemens, semifinal victory over Ed Ratledge and Kacey Losik, and the finals over Roberts and Miller. Every individual has made an AVP main draw, while several have made multiple and Ratledge won in AVP San Francisco of 2017.

“I’m changing a lot of things this off-season,” Vander Meer said prior to the finals. “It’s been fun.”

As is winning, be it in two sets, as they did, or three, as became the signature of Moreland and Jerger.