Introducing p1440 expert trainer, Jenn Glysson of The Body Los Angeles

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Taking care of your body enhances confidence and strength from the inside out. That’s why Jenn Glysson, owner of The Body Los Angeles and one of p1440’s expert trainers, emphasizes the importance of working out and having fun while you do it.

Jenn has trained more than 1,000 clients in the past 10 years with the goal of helping them achieve their dream fitness results. While she cannot ensure you it’s going to be easy to work towards achieving your fitness goals, she can promise that her workouts are fresh and fun.
“I think one thing that differentiates me from most is that I really love my job,” said Jenn. “I genuinely enjoy what I do. I just love to work with people and see them grow stronger and more confident. I’m not interested in being famous and I don’t want to implement a cookie-cutter program. I want this to be a great experience for everyone who comes through my door.”

Jenn created The Body Los Angeles, a boutique gym in Hollywood, and focuses on helping clients have fun, work hard and get stronger. At The Body Los Angeles, Jenn maintains the value of customizing each and every client’s training experience to best meet their individual needs. She understands that one’s body can only reach its fullest potential when taking an individual approach by modifying, progressing and regressing each movement.

“At The Body Los Angeles, we want clients to come in feeling confident and focused on their personal goals and I want to emulate those values in my role as p1440’s expert trainer. I want to help everyone achieve a better health and fitness lifestyle,” said Jenn. “Most people feel uncomfortable when starting at a new gym because they don’t know where to start, but if you go in with a workout plan it will feel a lot more natural and comfortable. Use the p1440 workouts and videos as your plan so when you get to the gym you know exactly what you’re doing.”

Above all, Jenn wants her clients to feel their best, both physically and mentally. Her training sessions and workout tips are positive and focused on having fun while working towards the body you want. Train with Jenn in her 14-minute training videos that feature 40-second activities with 20-second breaks.

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