Introducing JUST Water


Our movement was created to not only positively impact the sport of beach volleyball, but the entire world. It’s part of our mission to connect with like-minded brands to promote sustainability and showcase what it means to be environmentally conscious. With “Planet” as one of our core values, we are proud to announce our partnership with JUST water, a sustainable beverage company dedicated to producing responsibly sourced products in planet-friendly packaging. This partnership will bring a collaborative limited-edition paper-based water bottle to p1440 events, which will result in less plastic waste and aid in reducing the overall carbon footprint of the tour.

“We’re honored to create a special edition JUST bottle with p1440 for their events” said Jaden Smith, JUST co-founder. “For our first collaboration, aligning with an organization founded by inspiring athletes and based upon enjoying and protecting the beach, ocean and planet is something I’m deeply passionate about and we’re humbled to support.”
JUST water is changing the way consumer goods are created by partnering with a small city in upstate New York, buying their excess spring water at a fair rate, putting more money back into the local economy. JUST water packages spring water in 100% recyclable bottles made from 82% renewable materials, resulting in 74% less carbon emissions compared to similar sized plastic water bottles. The paper used in the water bottle comes from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)®-certified forests, where new trees replace the ones used. The plastic for the cap and shoulder are made from sugarcane that’s responsibly harvested and is not a fossil fuel.

“JUST water and p1440 are aligned with the same values of the dreamers who have the vision and the devotion to create their wildest realities; people who are not afraid to stand up and create their own path, instead of waiting and hoping that things will change. This is exactly the type of brand with whom we want to partner with at p1440,” said Kerri Walsh Jennings, our co-founder. “Keeping our world clean is a high priority, as well as inspiring attendees to live mindfully and with purpose, every minute of the day—all 1440 of them! We believe you get what you give in life and we will always strive to respect our earth’s natural resources—she’s so good to us! We are all here to make a positive impact on our community and this partnership signifies just that.”

p1440 will provide event attendees with this sustainable, reusable bottle to use throughout the weekend, keeping guests hydrated, the series sustainable and reducing plastic at the event sites. We will also use our platform to educate and build awareness about global issues, while implementing the highest sustainability practices, ensuring we always leave every event space even better than when we arrived.

Learn more about JUST’s mission to create better options for the things we need in our lives here.