Get to Know Kerry Wachtfogel–Strength Trainer to Kerri Walsh Jennings


Growing up near the beach in Southern California, Kerry Wachtfogel spent most of her time outdoors, playing many different sports including indoor and beach volleyball. Her active childhood instilled in her a deep passion for physical activity that carried on into adulthood, ultimately leading her to a career in fitness.

Kerry earned her bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine from Long Beach State University, became a Certified Athlete Trainer (A.T.C.) and spent many years working with athletes in junior college and high school. Her innate desire to help recovering athletes and individuals motivated her to become a fitness instructor and volleyball coach. During her time as a fitness instructor, she was introduced to pilates by a fellow colleague and decided to take one of her classes. From that moment on, Kerry was fascinated by the benefits of the Pilates Method—improving her overall strength, flexibility, muscle awareness, mental strength and balance.

She received her pilates certification in 2001 and has been blending the work of Joseph Pilates with her education and years of experience watching bodies in motion to help people recover from injuries and reach their personal fitness goals. In 2011, Kerry took a leap of faith and opened Contrologie, a place to workout, explore pilates, learn how to manage injuries and enjoy body movement in Manhattan Beach. Kerry creates personalized workouts based on her clients’ goals and needs—whether they require rehabilitation, strength and conditioning or help connecting movement to be more efficient in their sport and daily lives.

Throughout her career, she has worked with both professional and amateur athletes from MLB to NBA athletes, including our very own Kerri Walsh Jennings. Kerri was first introduced to Kerry after she was undergoing a shoulder surgery in 2007. Kerry has helped Kerri with on-going strength training that has allowed her to compete at a high physical and mental level.

A key aspect of Kerry’s training includes teaching her clients to be responsible for their own movement— to get them to a level of understanding what is healthy for their bodies and what isn’t. She focuses on making a positive impact in individuals’ lives—both physically and mentally, and shows her clients that it’s just as important to exercise mindfully to maximize their regimen and enjoy their workout.

Kerry is most inspired when her clients are able to perform a workout regime on their own, with control and proper movement. Kerry goes the extra mile for clients—preparing her high school athletes with a list of exercises to do and not do when they make the transition to college-level sports. She also records her clients’ movements and exercises so that they can take the video with them and do the workout routine effectively on their own time. When measuring the success of a fitness plan, she takes a holistic approach—the most important things are if her clients’ feel good, play better and all around live a healthier lifestyle—then they are reaching their goals. Similar to the p1440 philosophy—Kerry lives with purpose, uses her time wisely, goes after what is truly important in life and hopes to instill that mentality to everyone she works with, making her a great addition to the p1440 team.