Formats for p1440 Top Guns, Young Guns

Formats set for p1440 Top Guns, Young Guns tournaments

p1440 Huntington Beach
The format for p1440’s dual events at its Huntington Beach event, the Top Gun and the Young Guns, from November 30-December 2, have been finalized.
The Top Gun event will feature a King of the Beach-style format, pitting 16 of the best individuals from around the world of each gender against one another in an effort to identify the beach volleyball world’s “Top Gun.”
There will be four pools of four players each. Rounds one, two and three of the Top Gun tournament will be one game to 28. The players finishing one and two overall — determined by record and point differential — will then select his or her partner from the remaining 14 tournament players for the finals.
The Young Guns, meanwhile, will be a 24-team draw featuring the FIVB-style modified pool play format. The two top teams from each pool will advance along with four “lucky losers,” chosen from the top-four third place teams.
Those 16 teams will then play in a 16-team single elimination tournament.