Places to eat in Hermosa Beach

Five Excellent Places to Eat While You’re in Town For AVP Hermosa Beach


It’s AVP Hermosa Beach week, one of the biggest stops on the AVP calendar and one that fans from all over the country will be flying in to watch. So, while you’re in town, we figured we’d give you the inside scoop on some of the best spots to grab a bite — or drink — in Hermosa Beach, because you can’t spend the ENTIRE day watching volleyball. At some point, you’ll need some grub. Here are my top five recommends for you:

  1. Brothers Burritos

Walk into a Brothers on any morning of the week and the odds are high that you’ll see multiple professional beach volleyball players either before or after practice, potentially an Olympian or two, and always, always, always, some cheap and delicious Mexican food. This little spot near the Hermosa Pier is far and away the most popular among the AVP players living in the South Bay. While you’re in town, we couldn’t recommend it more.

2. Paradise Bowls

Aside from seeing me, there is only one thing that my mother truly cares about when she comes to California: Getting the biggest acai bowl she’s ever seen, three times a day. Not kidding. She could make my dad haul her to BWI, take a flight to LAX, have me pick her up, drive down to Hermosa, snag an acai bowl at Paradise Bowls, and drive on back to LAX and that, my friends, is a perfect day in the eyes of Jill Marsh Mewhirter.

Now, not all of you have the dedication of my ma when it comes to getting an acai fix, but Paradise Bowls is a must if you’re in town and are looking for something cold and sweet, which you will, because it’s finally looking like summer in SoCal. The best part: It’s walking distance from the Hermosa Pier, so you can finish a match, snag a bowl, and come on back just in time to get the start of the next one.

3. Rice Things

I have three words for y’all here: Big. Portion. Sizes. How many times do you order $20 of sushi and leave with a howling stomach and a serious craving for…more sushi? You won’t at Rice Things. There’s a lot more than sushi on the menu, mind you, but there is plenty of it. This is another great beach volley find by my podcast host, Tri Bourne.

We went through a couple-months long stretch where we ordered Rice Things after every podcast recording. You can get three enormous meals – one for Tri, myself, and his pregnant wife Gabby, for instance, so we were kind of feeding four – for less than $20 and have food left over. And there’s no quality sacrificed for the quantity here, either. This is everything a beach volleyball player and fan needs for a quality, healthy meal on a budget that will leave you with plenty of leftovers, if you’re into that sort of thing.

4. Hook and Plow

Right up Pier Ave., Hook and Plow is on the pricier side of things, but it’s just so, so, so good, and the environment and vibe is great. It’s an open-air restaurant with outdoor seating, a super friendly wait staff, and food that is darn good. The only reason that it’s not higher on the list is because it’s not as beach volleyball centric as Brothers or Rice Things. This attracts a more non-beach-volleyball-Hermosa-person demographic, but since you’re in town for AVP Hermosa, you should definitely a bite here. You’ll be stoked you did.

5. Tower 12

Don’t think I left out the drinking options! I know what y’all are in town to do: Watch some great volleyball, drink some good beers, and enjoy a Southern California July, in no particular order. Tower 12 is about a 15-second walk from the site, so you can really do all three of those things at the same time. Tower 12 attracts less of the touristy, raging crowd that some of the other bars – American Junkie, for example – do, so if that’s what you’re going for, maybe American Junkie is your spot. But if you’re looking for good drinks, good food, good people, and not an insane crowd, Tower 12 is where you should be.