Five beach volleyball Christmas gifts

Five Christmas gift ideas to get your beach volleyball player

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It’s mid-December and, depending on your personality type, it’s either the most wonderful time of the year or, to quote Ellen Griswold in the timeless classic, Christmas Vacation, “It’s Christmas…and we’re all in misery.”

Whether you’re more of a Buddy the Elf or a Scrooge – we won’t use Grinch here, since the Grinch comes around to loving Christmas anyway – you’re going to have to get some gifts either way. And if you have a beach volleyball player to shop for, here are five ideas to get you started.

  1. Volleyballs

Shocker. We know. You can’t play volleyball without, you know, a ball. Now, which one to get? If the beach player you have in mind plays in the U.S., then Wilson is the way to go. It’s the brand used by, most notably, the AVP and CBVA, and it’s also the best ball on the market. Now, our gift to you: Use the code WILSONSAND at checkout to receive 20% off! Happy shopping.

If you’re player is playing internationally or on p1440, the Mikasa is the ball for them.


Alexander Walkenhorst

  1. Sunglasses

Beach players are in the sun all day long. They have to keep their eyes protected from both the sun and the sand. While Oakley is the most traditional brand on the market, ROKA is quickly becoming a popular hit amongst the beach volleyball crowd. Formed in a garage in Austin, Texas by two former Stanford All-American swimmers, ROKA shades are ultralight and have the rare ability to stay on your face.

ROKA eyewhere

  1. Lines

There’s nothing worse than getting to the beach, rolling out the balls and…nobody has lines to put down. Not that drawing them in the sand is the worst alternative – you’re still on the beach, after all – but having physical lines is certainly going to cut down the arguments and make everyone in the group’s lives easier.

Pro tip: Make sure to have an extra set of anchors. They’re like socks – somehow, they slowly seem to disappear.  

  1. Recovery equipment

Whether the player you’re shopping for is a blocker or a defender, one thing is certain: They will be sore. Here are a few gift ideas that can help reduce that soreness and recover faster:

  1. Board shorts

Looking good is sometimes half the battle when it comes to playing sports on the beach. A sweet pair of board shorts can go a long way, and we’ve got you covered. While the traditional brands – Hurley, Rox, O’Neill – are can’t miss, be sure to check out a new player favorite: Slunks. Worn by some of the younger talent on tour – Chase Frishman, Troy Field, Kyle Friend, Myles Muagututia, Christian Sorum – they’re a fun and comfortable throwback look to the old school days.



Beach volleyball player, writer, podcaster, and now author, Travis Mewhirter, recently published a book, We Were Kings, focused on, you guessed it, beach volleyball. The book details the lives of the modern beach player, from that guy you see in every qualifier to gold medalists like Phil Dalhausser to the rising stars such as Taylor Crabb. We Were Kings is a perfect gift for not just the beach volleyball player, but any beach volleyball fan, or any sports fan, really.

We Were Kings-Travis Mewhirter