Five Christmas gifts for fitness nuts

Five Christmas gifts to get the exercise nut in your life

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It’s the giving season, and if you’re a little behind on your shopping, no need to worry. On Wednesday, we dropped five gifts to get the beach volleyball players in your lives. Today, here are five more to get the fitness and exercise nuts in your lives.

  1. Therabands

You’ve no doubt seen TheraBands before. If you’ve watched any athlete at a decently high level warm up, the vast majority of them will use TheraBands in some capacity. Some will put the bands around their ankles, some around their thighs, some around both the ankles and thighs. Still others will use them for shoulders or curls. They don’t look particularly intimidating, but a few minutes with TheraBands will get whatever body part you’d like to work out burning.

They’re highly mobile, able to fit in a suitcase, backpack, even your pocket, and you can use them to work out whenever, wherever. Hotel room? Easy. Airport? No problem. Bedroom? You bet. Beach? Every time.

2. RX Bars

If the exercise nut you’re shopping for is also big into their nutrition — as they likely are — RX Bars are the perfect on the go snack. Their signature touch is limited ingredients — “No BS” is the tagline — that you can see directly on the front of the packaging. Nuts, eggs, almonds, cashews, dates are the main — and often only — ingredients in an entire bar, which is also delicious and comes in a wide variety of flavors. Everything a well-exercised body needs.

Rx Bar

3. Kettle Bell

Tim Ferriss, he of the No. 1 podcast in the world, which breaks down the habits of high performers across industries, said that the kettlebell, based on hundreds upon hundreds of interviews he has done, is the most versatile of all exercise equipment. Why? You can work out the entire body with just one kettlebell, no matter the weight. Kettlebell swings are perhaps the most dynamic workout of any, working shoulders, forearms, upper back, lower back, glutes and hamstrings while keeping the core tight the entire time.

Aside from the swings, you can do curls, shoulder press, rows, squats, lunges — it does everything a dumbbell does and then some.

Kettlebell Pass

4. Weight vest

Adam Roberts had tried everything there was to try when it came to increasing his vertical. It wasn’t until he did sand training with a weight vest that he saw an increase in his leap so big that he won a dunk contest in college.

Weight vests are one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment and, even better, also one of the most functional. Doing sprints, plyometrics, jumps — any variation of movement with a weight vest will be immensely rewarded.

5. Fitbit or other wearable technology

Metrics have become all the rage in nearly every industry, and the fitness market is no exception. Optimization in all facets of life has become one of the major trends, and the Fitbit, or any other wearable technology, is incredible in that area. It tracks ostensibly everything you’d like to have tracked — heart beat, sleep quality, calories burned, steps taken — and you can compare the numbers over time. Perfect for anybody looking to monitor their fitness.