Film Room Friday: Crabb/Priddy

Film Room Friday: Trevor Crabb Gets His Win Over Phil Dalhausser at AVP Manhattan Beach

Video: Jim Shaffer

The answer is always the same. No matter who is playing well. Who’s ranked No. 1. Who’s done what, and how recently. There is one player whom Trevor Crabb answers with whenever he’s asked who he wants to beat most in beach volleyball: Phil Dalhausser.

He’s the best. Hands down. And to someone like Crabb, who was raised in an epoch of beach volleyball where Dalhausser was the most dominant player in the world, and maybe ever, taking down the Thin Beast would be a watershed moment.

He had done so before Manhattan Beach of 2019, mind you. A few times. But never in a moment as big as last Sunday’s: AVP semifinals of the biggest tournament of the year, the one Crabb has wanted to win more than any on the beach volleyball calendar.

In their first tournament as partners, Crabb and Reid Priddy toppled Dalhausser and Lucena, 21-12, 23-21, moving onto the finals, where they’d both win their first tournaments as individuals, over Casey Patterson and Chase Budinger. The victory in the finals is, obviously, the seminal moment for the two, but it was the win over Dalhausser that pushed them there in the first place, which is why it is the subject of this week’s Film Room Friday.

“This is the one tournament that everyone wants to win, and this is Reid’s first finals and I’m 0-7 in the finals so we’re about to change all that and get our names on the pier,” Crabb said.

“These are the moments we live for,” Priddy said. “We’re just trying to break the internet.”

Missions accomplished on every level.