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Film Room Friday: Three World Champs Competitors at p1440 Huntington Beach

Photo: FIVB

It is, in case you haven’t heard, World Championship week in the world of beach volleyball. The biggest event of the 2019 season is upon us, with 48 teams in each gender for the most lucrative purse, both in money and points, which are just as valuable as money to some.

So, we figured we’d rewind to p1440 Huntington Beach, where three athletes in the match above — Alvaro Filho, Alexander Walkenhorst, Lombardo Ontiveros — are slated to compete in this week’s World Championships in Hamburg, Germany.

Such was the beauty of p1440 Huntington Beach, an event where athletes could compete with whomever they wanted, regardless of nationality or citizenship. It led to a number of cross-nationality teams, such as Walkenhorst and Filho, for example. Filho is competing this week with Alison Cerutti, the 2016 Olympic gold medalist alongside Bruno. Walkenhorst, a German blocker, was initially in the field though had to withdraw due to injury.

Ontiveros, meanwhile, is Mexico’s journeyman. At 35 years old, he’s been competing on the World Tour since 2005, representing Mexico in the 2016 Olympics alongside Juan Virgen. They finished ninth, though they did upset eventual silver medalists Daniele Lupo and Paolo Nicolai in the first round of pool play.