Film Room Friday: Stein Metzger

Film Room Friday: New Developmental Program Director Stein Metzger in The 2006 Hermosa Beach Finals

There are times at practice when Stein Metzger, the newly appointed Director of the p1440 Developmental Program, still shows signs of, not the “old Stein Metzger,” because he’s really just not that far removed from his playing days, but the competitor who can still get out on the sand and get after it.

He’ll chide himself for missing a serve, making poor hand contact, hitting the net. He’ll even admit to getting a little fired up at practice sometimes. It can take a while for the competitive athlete in a person to give way to the second act of their lives, which in Metzger’s case is serving as the head coach at UCLA and director at 1440.

It makes it all the more fun to go back and watch video of Metzger, which is why we pulled out an oldie but goodie: The 2006 Hermosa Beach finals, where Metzger and Mike Lambert, then making a push for the 2008 Olympics, played Phil Dalhausser and Todd Rogers, who would go on to win the Beijing Games.

Metzger and Lambert wouldn’t win this final, but the match is a thriller: 21-19, 12-21, 15-17. It was one of nine finals he made on the year, a season which included another six semifinals as well.