Film Room Friday: Miles Partain

Film Room Friday: Miles Partain, The Teenage Giant Slayer

Maybe it could have appeared to be a fluke, then, in 2017, when Miles and Marcus Partain, a combined 31 years of age, qualified for AVP Hermosa. It made them the youngest men’s team in the history of the AVP to make a main draw, beating a legend in Mike Placek in the process.

Could have been viewed as a cute story, something that just sometimes happens in sports. Miles did, after all, lose in the first round of the next event, in Manhattan Beach, and didn’t qualify in the next eight.

And yet, here we are in Chicago, and Partain, coming off his first main draw of the year in Manhattan Beach, is sitting in the winner’s bracket with Paul Lotman, victors of two in a row after making it out of Thursday’s qualifier.

And those two wins were bigger than anybody’s Friday resume.

First came Eric Beranek and Billy Kolinske. Semifinalists in Manhattan Beach, Partain and Lotman took them down in three, 23-21, 18-21, 15-13. That was upset enough for the day. For up next was Trevor Crabb and Reid Priddy.

In a year, they will have their names cemented on the Manhattan Beach Pier.

On Friday afternoon, they were booted to the contender’s bracket, another victim of the teenage wunderkind and Lotman. Down went Crabb and Priddy, 21-17, 21-23, 15-12.

So now the 20 and the 12 will play the four and the five. And Miles Partain has proved he was no cute story in Hermosa two years ago.

He’s here to stay. In the winner’s bracket.