Film Room Friday

Film Room Friday: McKibbins Release Four-Man World Championship Gold Medal Match

This year was not the best, in terms of medal haul, for the United States men in beach volleyball. Just seven times did an American team wind up on the podium, and only once was the finish golden.

Taylor Crabb and Jake Gibb sealed up the first American victory of the 2019 season — which is actually, technically speaking, 2020 — in Chetumal for the four-star finale.

Or did Crabb seal up the first gold weeks earlier, in Doha for the four-man World Championships? Crabb was one of six Americans — Troy Field, Madison McKibbin, Riley McKibbin, Casey Patterson, Brian Cook — sent to Doha for the inaugural World Beach Games. After a rough start, which is not unlike Crabb’s usual starts to tournaments he has won this year, the Americans beat the host Qatari team in the finals in front of a packed stadium.

The McKibbins, of course, documented the whole thing, and you can find their vlog series on their wildly popular YouTube channel. Above, however, is the gold medal match, which is a must-watch display of athleticism and volleyball and yes, even an American gold medal.