Film Room Friday

Film Room Friday: Looking Back at Seaside Champs Avery Drost, Eric Zaun at P1440 Huntington Beach

Today is Seaside Day. Most national calendars don’t recognize such an occasion but most in the American beach volleyball community — and several hundred in the Canadian, as well — have the second weekend in August marked on their calendars every year for one of the biggest beach volleyball events in the world.

Nearly 2,000 players are descending upon this sleepy little town in Oregon, many of which have already set up chairs and couches and tents on stadium court, claiming their spot to watch Saturday evening’s men’s open finals.

Who did they watch last year win that final? Avery Drost and Eric Zaun, a relatively new partnership at the time. Zaun had made the finals the year before, with Adam Roberts, losing to Miles Evans and Billy Kolinske. But in 2018? Zaun and Drost took it. They took it through rain and wind and an early loss that had them navigating the contender’s bracket all day long. They took it despite playing against Jeremy Casebeer and Adam Roberts, the mayor of this event, the guy who’s now been in five Seaside finals and nearly set an event record with three straight wins.

So on this film room Friday, we wanted to rewind the clock a bit, to p1440 Huntington Beach, where Zaun and Drost enjoyed a career finish in a major event, claiming third in a tournament in which they beat Brazilian legend Harley Marques and Russian dynamo Kontantin Semenov.

Enjoy their semifinal against Mexico’s Lombardo Ontiveros and Jose Rubio. Zaun and Drost do not win this one, no, but it’s an excellent match nonetheless.