Jake Landel and Lev Priima

Film Room Friday: Jake Landel and Lev Priima Battling in Huntington

Jake Landel and Lev Priima made quite a show of things on Friday afternoon at Lake Sammamish for AVP Seattle, pushing Tim Bomgren and Troy Field 23-21 in the first set before dropping the second.

Hours later, though, is where they won the crowd, jumping out to a 14-7 lead over Billy Allen and Stafford Slick to claim the first set. They didn’t pull it out, losing 16-21, 11-15 in the final two sets.

Many were unfamiliar with Priima and Landel prior to AVP Seattle, so here’s footage of them competing in p1440 Huntington Beach against Harley Marques and Konstantin Semenov.