Film Room Friday

Film Room Friday: High-flying Las Vegas Match Between Qatar and Italy

It was quite a sight to behold, watching Qatar’s Ahmed Tijan and Cherif Samba bounce around on the shallow sands of Las Vegas, against Italy’s Daniele Lupo and Paolo Nicolai. We may well get to see that matchup again in Warsaw, Poland, should both teams win their next few matches and meet in the semifinals of the four-star event.

It was a fun one to watch in Vegas, though. You might be able to count the number of shots hit on one hand, which always makes for an entertaining match. Points were either scored on aces, blocks or bounces, with very little variability between.

It’s why we’re bringing it back this week for Film Room Friday. Both teams have had light years this season, with Qatar playing just one event per month and the Italians competing in just their second since mid-October. This is a matchup that could very well be an Olympic one, as Nicolai and Lupo are currently Italy’s No. 1 and Tijan and Samba are, per usual, the tops from Qatar.

So enjoy the high-flying throwback match between Italy and Qatar, and have a great, volleyball-filled weekend!