Film Room Friday: AVP Huntington 2005

Film Room Friday: AVP Huntington 2005 Finals: Witt-Rosenthal vs. Kiraly-Lambert

I’ve been on an old-school film watching binge this off-season. YouTube recommended an old AVP match one day and down the rabbit hole I went, until an absolute gem of a match popped up (I mean, they were mostly all gems, but goodness is this one something special): The 2005 AVP Huntington Beach finals.

Such a fun mix of talent, with Karch Kiraly, who won his first tournament in 1979, playing against Sean Rosenthal, who was born a year after Kiraly’s first victory. Then, at the net, was, with Rosenthal, Larry Witt, a sublime talent and tremendous athlete. Blocking for Kiraly was Mike Lambert, a 16-time AVP champion who would have had an excellent shot at qualifying for the 2008 Beijing Olympics with Stein Metzger had it not been for a knee injury.

The match itself is as good, if not better, than anything you’d expect. Kiraly’s age hardly shows, while Rosenthal’s youth is displayed in the best ways imaginable, making it easy to remember why he was bestowed the nickname of Superman. It’s a magnificent match in such a variety of manners that any type of beach fan should have a blast watching it, either becoming nostalgic for days’ past or excited for what’s to come in the future.

Enjoy this throwback edition of Film Room Friday, and have a great weekend, all.