Evolution Physical Therapy

Evolution Physical Therapy Keeping Beach Athletes Healthy All Season, and Year, Long

It is nearly 365 days around, the beach volleyball season. Which is wonderful, no doubt, evidence that there are opportunities abound for players to compete and, by extension, to make a living, however meager, in this sport.

But it also means higher demands. Higher demands on the body, physically. Higher demands, mentally. The travel is extensive even for an average-sized person and, historically speaking, beach volleyball players are not average-sized people and seats on airplanes are not above-average-sized seats.

What the extended season, and extended travel, has called for, then, is an extra focus on life off the sand: recovery. It’s a critical element to any sport, though especially for those that require international travel – Hermosa Beach to Itapema to Jinjiang to Ostrava to New York to Warsaw to Seattle to Hamburg, for example – while competing at the highest level. It is for this exact reason that p1440 has partnered with Evolution Physical Therapy, which specializes in “unique methods of manual therapy and ultramodern recovery systems to separate and elevate the process of diagnosis, the treatment of injury and the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.”

Or, in layman’s terms: They keep you healthy. Evolution screens for injuries, identifying the most vulnerable part of each athlete’s physique and breaks down exactly how they can fortify that precise area, minimizing the potential for injury.

Should an athlete come in injured? Yes, they treat that, too, with an armada of trained therapists who can help diagnose and rehab injuries.

“It’s super great to have access to physical therapists and a recovery center,” McKenna Thibodeau, a p1440 Developmental Program athlete and winner of the spring session of the program, said. “It’s going to keep us happy and healthy for the whole season.”

The whole season.

It’s no easy task, to make it through a year without needing to skip a tournament. Already, at every level, you can see athletes from all nations taking tournaments off to rest their battered bodies. At the highest level of international ball, Brooke Sweat and Kerri Walsh Jennings and Alex Brouwer and Robert Meeuwsen pulled out of a four-star in Warsaw, Poland, to rest and heal. A number of American teams are debating skipping AVP Seattle, so as to alas give their bodies a breather before World Championships in Hamburg.

Locally, Eric Beranek, one of the most electrifying up-and-coming players on the AVP Tour, sat out of Laguna and AVP New York after minor surgery.

All of which is to say: Injuries happen. Evolution is available to prevent those as effectively as possible, and return athletes to the sand quickly, and safely.

“We’re big on focusing on the entire athlete and not just one movement,” Chelsea Ortega, Clinical Director at Evolution, said. “We look at wellness, injury prevention, rehabilitation, performance, and recovery, and we’re really excited to provide all of those.”

All season long which, when you look at the schedule, is all year long.