Ed Ratledge's country playlist

Ed Ratledge’s Country Playlist for AVP Austin

AVP Austin

AVP Austin, the lovely southern stop on the AVP Tour, is here, with main draw beginning on Friday. And, seeing as we’re in the heart of the south, home of country, the best music genre known to man, we figured it was time to put together a country playlist for all the southern beach fans out there. And by “we,” we mean, of course, the one and only Ed Ratledge, who put together a fantastic playlist for both the uninitiated country fans and the ones who can sing along to every song on his list.

Enjoy! You can find the full playlist here.

Days of Gold by Jake Owen

Ed Ratledge: The first country song I ever liked. Tempo almost that of good punk rock! Closing thought: Harmonica. Don’t hate on it.

Burning Man by Dierks Bentley [feat. Brothers Osborne]
Ed Ratledge: Maybe my favorite country song just because of the lyrics.  Perfectly describes the experience of someone like me who alternates between trying to be an ordinary family man and a star on the court, knowing that ordinary family man is the destiny he’s being pulled towards.

Drank Like Hank [Explicit] by Brothers Osborne

Ed Ratledge: If you haven’t had a night like the one described here, you really need to work harder on your partying.Respect your elders: Even if it’s by writing a song memorializing your appreciation for how they partied.Ought-to-know lyric: partied like the possum and we drank like Hank (Williams) (the possum refers to the nickname of George Jones, both country singers from before you were born who were known for tearing up parties.)

Desperate Man by Eric Church

Ed Ratledge: After the Vegas shooting, Eric struggled with his songwriting.  You play a show where 59 people get killed and 527 injured, you get desperate when it comes time to write your next hit.  Chosen because dancing to this song with my 3-year-old daughter brings me great joy.  Glad he found his way out of the darkness.

Party Like You by The Cadillac Three

Ed Ratledge: A song about being with the prettiest girl in the bar. What man with an ego and a minorly old-school mental representation of women-as-property wouldn’t feel moved my this sentiment? Chosen because I think the background vocals will sound awesome on AVP’s big ol’ sound system at high volume.

What Makes You Country by Luke Bryan

Ed Ratledge: It was my favorite of the songs suggested on my Instagram (@edratledge). All the Texas plowboys should be into this song.

Ain’t My Fault by Brothers Osborne

Ed Ratledge: I very much appreciate the video. If you haven’t seen it, read into the politics. Very ballsy for country artists to speak their mind on this side of the divide, and whatever your side, you should appreciate ballsy.