New Year's Resolutions

Dev Players Set New Years Resolutions


The last day of the year, of the decade, of another chapter, is coming to a close tonight. As it goes with the onset of every new year, the 2020 year and decade comes with resolutions, goals, habits, ideals. We polled our Developmental Players for what their goals and resolutions are for the 2020 year.

So here’s to a happy New Year to you, and be safe!

Allison Griffiths: My New Years resolution for 2020 is to keep working on improving my stamina on the court. At least 20-30 minutes of fasted cardio on days we are not practicing in the morning.  Making sure to work on breathing steadily through my nose rather than mouth breathing to get into a steady rhythm. Weight lifting at least three times a week.

After cardio, weight lifting, or practice, I’m using the sauna or steam room at the gym to increase my endurance in high heat environments. During summer months, the heat can often wear you out quickly, saunas can help your body acclimate to higher temperatures. Studies also show saunas help increase blood volume and it keeps your heart rate higher for longer after a workout, helping increase endurance. Occasionally, I’m doing hot yoga for the same reason, and also it becomes more intensive with the movements. I’m also working on mobility for my shoulder and hips so that takes up the rest of gyn time.

Jordyn Moody: Stop negative self talk and say YES to more things that bring me joy!

Jay Panther: I don’t have a New Years revolution, never had one actually.  God is always teaching me humility and truth so I am assessing opportunities for change and growth ongoing

Alex Poletto: Do 10 minutes of yoga every morning or night, do one thing a week for someone I care about to make their day better, and call my parents more.

Arina Gerasimova: I don’t believe in resolutions because I work hard towards my set goals on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. What I’d like to improve in my life is take better care of myself: my physical, mental and emotional health. I push myself so hard towards my goals that I tend to ignore my personal needs and routines.

Heidi Dyer: The only goal I can think of would be to rank 50 breakfast burritos in one year!

Jeremy McDermott: Being open to change, and asking for opportunities that lead me closer to my ambitions. Meet someone new outside of my regular path each day, and write them down. Give myself five days a month where I try completely new activities, read something new, learn a new skill etc. Build food/environment conscious efforts into my daily diet as well as at Rivera House, the restaurant I General Manage.

Sammee Thomas: I’m going to learn to cook and eat a healthier, more plant-based diet. For volleyball, I’m going to focus my attention on keeping my elbow high and contacting the ball at the highest point when I swing. I want to get to a point where it becomes a habit for competition time!

Brendan Duff: To document the journey. We go so many beautiful places playing this sport and I need to take more pictures!

Tomas Salava: For me it’s 4 things.  One: to give and share — support, knowledge and joy that I gathered and learned — and most importantly to learn how to give and how to share knowledge, energy or love. Not always is the way of sharing I choose the best one. But learning to do it with intention, kindness, and respect is one big goal for me. Next is to really do whatever it is I’m doing with 100 percent attitude. Everything else is just a waste of time and creating an excuse for myself. Three: Make being grateful a habit. Because when my expectations are higher than my gratitude, everything goes south. Four: Get out of my comfort zone as much as possible. Because really, that’s where the life starts.

Chloe Crappell: Being grounded. I’m starting each day with a routine: journaling, coffee, and reading!

Travis Mewhirter: I’d like to learn a new language, so five minutes a day, five days a week of Portuguese through DuoLingo or whatever app I can. I’d like to go someplace new every month. Could be out of state or country, doesn’t matter. I’d like to do yoga once a week and continue learning how to dance (thanks, upcoming wedding). And I’d like to publish my next book and finish the manuscript for another. Now it’s your job to hold me to it!