CBVA, p1440 a successful partnership

CBVA, p1440 Making for Successful Partnership in Second Year


There has never been a dearth of beach volleyball camps, clinics, clubs, academies or any other iteration or name for a developmental program catered to up-and-coming beach volleyball players on the West Coast.

One has stood the test of time. Since 1962, the California Beach Volleyball Association (CBVA) has been the preeminent feeder program for the best players on the West Coast to grow, learn, develop – and then graduate, in a sense.

“What we enjoy the most is the kids having a good time and people coming down and having fun,” Scott Hubble said. “Our thing is, we have 8,000 people that play volleyball. It’s about playing volleyball. It’s great for kids to dream. It’s great for us to push that, so you get a Kerri Walsh.”

And when that kid proves they have the talent to become, perhaps not a Kerri Walsh Jennings, but a budding talent on any of the myriad professional tours?

“We leave that to the p1440s,” Hubble said.

While once the professional tour, of sorts, prior to the emergence of Event Concepts and the AVP, the CBVA has no intention of rivaling the AVP or p1440 or FIVB in the world of professional beach volleyball. It just wants to promote the sport, to provide others the opportunities to play it, and it’s a job done well.

Hubble said that 8,000 individuals will play in a CBVA tournament this year, all of which will be partnered alongside p1440, a platform founded by Walsh Jennings with the aligned intent of promoting beach volleyball, creating more opportunities.

Now in the second year of the CBVA and p1440 partnership, it’s been a successful marriage thus far.

“We thought it was a natural match to align ourselves with where [Walsh Jennings] came from and who she became as the icon of the sport,” Hubble said. “It was a very natural fit because we shared a lot of the same ideals to help develop the game so people have more opportunities to play and grow the sport.”

Opportunity is exactly what the RISE program is seeking to provide. No organization in the country currently provides more than the CBVA, just as no other organization has proven to be such a successful feeder program for the talent currently playing on the AVP, p1440 and FIVB tours.

Even those who have already established themselves will occasionally return to their CBVA roots. Sean Rosenthal, Chase Budinger, Trevor Crabb, Ty Tramblie, Avery Drost, Tri Bourne, Ed Ratledge, Reid Priddy, Billy Kolinske – to name a few – have all competed in the Laguna Beach Open, one of the finest events put on by the CBVA, in the last couple years. Mark Burik, a longtime AVP player, is a regular.

Now tours and organizations around the country are modeling the CBVA’s structure and point system. Now there are more feeder programs, more grassroots efforts, more players, more opportunities to play beach volleyball.

“We need to affiliate ourselves with a group that’s going to let us be the feeder program without competing with us and honoring them and honoring Kerri,” Hubble said. “We felt Kerri is one of our own so we’re happy to support her.”