Qualifiers set for Huntington Beach

CBVA, Beach Bums to host qualifiers for p1440 Huntington Beach

Team Canada

The FIVB has technically begun its 2019 season, despite there being nearly two months remaining of 2018 in the United States. But in those States, it remains the 2018 season, with one final, major event to go: p1440 Huntington Beach.

It’s fitting, too, that the season should end here, as it is exactly where it began, when the AVP and FIVB collaborated for a 48-team colossus of a tournament in May. Now, with the vast majority of international players scheduling a much-needed rest period between now and, for some, January for The Hague, or February for Fort Lauderdale, p1440 condensed its 2018 schedule, paring it down from four events to three. This meant moving the San Diego event back one year, and moving the Huntington Beach event up two weeks, to November 30-December 2.

As was planned for the San Diego event, Huntington Beach will be two events in one, a unique package that blends a King of the Beach style format with the top 16 players of each gender from around the world, featuring unique, otherwise never-before-seen partnerships, partnerships that will change every match.

The other event will feature the best of the rest, coined “Young Guns,” as it is likely to feature a cadre of the best up-and-coming talent around the world, in a 24-team double-elimination draw. The draw will consist of 20 invitational teams and four out of a pair of satellite qualifiers, both of which will take place next weekend. On Saturday, November 17,  the Tampa Bay-based Beach Bums will run the Florida qualifier. On Sunday, November 18, the CBVA will run the California-based satellite qualifier at Beach Boulevard.

The format will remain the same as the satellite qualifiers for San Jose: single-elimination, with the top two teams earning a main draw berth from each gender.

The Huntington Beach satellite qualifier registration can be found on the CBVA website. Brackets will be sent out the night before the qualifier begins.

The Beach Bums qualifier registration can be found on its website.