Behind the scenes of a new partnership

Behind The Scenes of a Grab-and-go Partnership With Travis Mewhirter, Kacey Losik

Partnerships are one of the most ambiguous elements of beach volleyball. Only the top teams, for the most part, have set partners for an entire season. The rest are typically jumping around from guy to guy, sometimes in a “grass is always greener” type mindset, sometimes in a grab for points, sometimes just to mix it up, change sides, experiment with a new style or personality.

And, sometimes, partnership changes are necessary. At the previous p1440 Developmental Tournament, both Travis Mewhirter’s and Kacey Losik’s partners were unable to make it. Myles Muagututia, Mewhirter’s usual partner, was getting married, while Logan Webber, Losik’s partner, was out of town on a coaching trip. And so, with one week and exactly one practice, Mewhirter and Losik teamed up for the developmental tournament.

Videographer Tyler Wilson takes you behind the scenes on what it looks like to wing it with a new partnership in a first tournament together.

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