Mewhirter vlogs prep for Qinzhou

Beach Access, Episode One: Travis Mewhirter’s Prep For The Qinzhou Three-Star

By: Travis Mewhirter

It’s a little before 1 p.m. on a Friday, and I leave on a red-eye bound for China in less than 12 hours. I’ve never been to China. I’ve never flown west past Hawai’i. Yet I’ll soon do both.

This will be a trip of many firsts for me. It’ll be my passport’s first visa, which I acquired on Monday. It’ll be my first time to China. My first FIVB, a Three-Star in Qinzhou. My first time playing with Mike Boag — sort of, we lost a country quota match earlier this morning to Bill Kolinske and John Hyden, 21-16, 19-21, 11-15. My first time traveling and documenting Kerri Walsh Jennings’ and Brooke Sweat’s journey to Tokyo 2020, which is an absolute thrill-ride on the women’s side if you haven’t kept up thus far.

As it goes with the first time I do anything, I’m being careful to document as much as I can, this time leaning more towards the film side of things than the written. Seemed like a good time to experiment with a new skillset. It’s offseason, after all.

So here is the first of what I intend to be a series of vlogs, documenting not just my prep for this China trip, but a One-Star in Tel Aviv after that, and ideally bi-weekly moving forward from here on out. Suggestions and improvements are welcome.

For now, enjoy. See y’all in China.