Fearless & Motivated – Introducing The Brand X Method™

Fearless & Motivated – Introducing The Brand X Method™

Imagine the first time your toes sunk into the sand or jumping into your first dive. Everyone’s first game is nerve-wracking, but once your mind is focused, it feels like anything is possible. Cultivating the confidence to dig into any sports experience is crucial, especially at a young age. With Development as one of our core pillars, we’re proud to partner with The Brand X Method™ to deliver expert tips and tricks on safe movement, injury prevention and more for the growing athletes in your life.

Made up of parents, coaches, teachers and doctors, The Brand X Method™ is a world leader in youth fitness, striving to foster confidence and fearlessness in kids and teens. Their program focuses on developing the athlete first, laying the groundwork down for the specialist. Through teaching foundational movement patterns and then more complex exercises, they aim to enhance children’s physical literacy in fun and creative ways. The result is higher sports performance, purer sportsmanship and an increased likelihood of continued and expanded participation well into adulthood.

As a platform dedicated to athletic development, we believe it’s important to ensure our kids feel a sense of freedom and fearlessness wherever they venture. Through our digital experience, young athletes will be better prepared for any and all situations encountered during competition. With simple tutorials and expert advice, The Brand X Method™ will expose kids to a variety of play and movement that will aid their development of persistence and determination—two key elements that propel all athletes to reach their wins and learn from their losses.

We both align in aiming for success, but also learning from our mistakes. Understanding that our slip-ups help us move forward is a crucial concept to instill in developing athletes, which will be woven into our digital experience. By learning this early on, your kids will have the confidence to make the impossible possible.

Whether sports are a competitive pursuit or just another fun activity for the young athletes in your life, everyone deserves to experience pure athletic expression. With great athleticism comes a feeling of adventure, passion and joy in playing your favorite sports and trying new things. Our goal is to ensure your kids and teens will step out of the gym or courts knowing that they can accomplish anything they set out to do—win or lose.