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About the fab50

I am so fired up about the launch of this incredibly exciting new program for p1440. The depth of talent within the beach volleyball world is the best it's ever been.

The fab50 program allows us to gather together 50 of the very best juniors that exist under one program that allows them to train, compete and shine together.

What a dream!
I look forward to watching these young women sharpen each other, hone their craft and uplift the game. The athletes in our sport deserve to be recognized and uplifted - this is a good start.

Onward + upward, together.

Kerri Walsh Jennings
p1440 Co-Founder and Three Time Olympic Gold Medalist

fab50 FAQs

What does being a fab50 athlete mean?
Being selected as a p1440 fab50 athlete signifies the fact that you’re a stud!  It means that you have separated yourself from the pack and are deserving of this exclusive recognition.

How did you select your fab50 athletes?
p1440 evaluated  nominations from its 100+ affiliate clubs by evaluating players’ 2021 finishes as well as their all-important intangibles such as leadership, grit, heart, hustle and inspiration.

What is the goal of the program?
The goal of the fab50 program is to bring together the top athletes our sport has to offer in order to train, compete, elevate and grow. Iron sharpens iron, and this program is meant to do exactly that.  p1440 and our dedicated staff will not only work to enhance your individual volleyball skills and capabilities, but we’ll work to elevate the entire sport of beach volleyball via this program and our Fab 50 ambassadors; our focus will be to prepare you for battle on and off the court and to also help build their personal name brand awareness through our platform as well. The world has shifted in this area, and we want to set our athletes up for success on and off the court.

How will this affect my eligibility?
All of our fab50 offerings follow NCAA guidelines and restrictions.
Please visit the NCAA eligibility center if you have any questions or download NCAA Eligibility Centre Prize Money PDF and Amateurism Certification Basics PDF.


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