Podcasts - Starting Point (Casey Jennings)

Jake Gibb (Part 2): Taking Pride in the Journey, Lessons Learned from Dad, and Spirituality

In the second half of this two-part interview, Casey sits down with 3-time beach volleyball Olympian Jake Gibb to chat about appreciation and taking pride in one’s own journey. After clearing up some miscommunications that occurred in Part 1 (coming soon!), Casey and Jake take some time to chat about beach volleyball, ownership, and how to best handle a struggling teammate. Then the conversation shifts to Jake’s father and some valuable life lessons that Jake learned along the way and is still applying in his pursuit of excellence. Finally, Jake and Casey chat about religion and spirituality before wrapping up with a brief foray into youth and club sports. Please enjoy the second episode of Starting Point and be on the lookout for Jake Gibb (Part 1) coming soon!