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Jake Gibb (Part 1): A Look Back at Childhood and Career

In the first installment of our two-part interview with Jake Gibb, you will hear all about Jake’s childhood including growing up the youngest of 11 children in Bountiful, Utah. The son of a hardworking pediatrician, Jake learned mental toughness from his Dad out on the golf course at a young age. Jake even learned how to meditate when he was 11 years old, a skill he still utilizes to this day. After spending his early years playing soccer and basketball, Jake happened upon the sport of volleyball at 17 after being cut from his high school basketball team. What was initially a backyard throwaway sport quickly turned into a passion and while Jake was studying to become a commercial loan officer at the University of Utah, he soon found himself winning every tournament on the local UOVA outdoor volleyball circuit. Soon after, Jake began competing in AVP qualifiers and when he started to excel, he quietly wondered if beach volleyball was something he could pursue full time. Just a couple of years later, after marrying Jane in 2000 and graduating from college, Jake decided to shelf the commercial loan officer gig and take a chance on his beach game by moving out to California. The rest is history as they say, and you’ll get a detailed recap of Jake’s career including all of the ups and downs in this episode of Starting Point. Enjoy!