Podcasts - Starting Point (Casey Jennings)

Al Janc: From the Heyday to Nowadays

In the fourth episode of Starting Point, Casey sits down with retired AVP beach volleyball pro and father of two, Al Janc. From growing up on the beaches of San Diego to thriving on the AVP Tour during the heyday of the sport, much of Al’s formative years were spent in the sand. After a 13-year beach volleyball career, Al parlayed his active lifestyle into a career at Oakley, climbing the ranks at an eyewear company that has long dominated the beach volleyball market. But beyond his athletic abilities and business acumen, Al says he is most proud of being a father. Al’s two children, Jordan and Kaden, are 15-year-old twins with a fascinating story. In the second half of the interview, you will hear all about them including Kaden’s remarkable transformation from girlhood to boyhood. The story is uplifting, educational, and sheds light on a topic that is too often misunderstood in our society. So please, sit back and enjoy the fourth episode of Starting Point. Ciao!