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SANDCAST: Trevor Crabb: You Should Play Both Sides, But Not With Both Hands

This past season, Trevor Crabb and Tri Bourne were the personifications of what it is to be an all-around beach volleyball player. They played both positions; Crabb switched sides, from his usual left to the right; and they were playing as partners for the first time.

It’s that type of skill-set upon which they pride themselves, having done it all essentially since they could walk at the Outrigger Canoe Club in Honolulu, Hawai’i. The result has been Bourne and Crabb, lifelong friends, finishing the 2019 season as the top-ranked American team in the 2020 Olympic race, something Crabb believes is due to the versatility of the two.

“To be a good beach volleyball player, you’ve gotta be able to side out from everywhere, right?” Crabb said.

But it is also important to note, as Crabb hilariously did on SANDCAST, that, while it’s vital to be able to side out from anywhere, be it the left or the right, on a tight set or an off-set, a back set or a straight up and down set, it’s equally important to, well, use the correct hand.

Weeks prior to Crabb coming on SANDCAST, his partner, Bourne, co-host and co-founder of the show, broke his hand celebrating a win over Austria at the Vienna Major. The fracture put his dominant right-hand in a cast for six weeks, but with the World Tour Finals in Rome only four weeks out, Bourne didn’t have time to fully heal.

So he did what almost nobody would do, and he played one of the most important events of the season opposite handed, going so far as to attempt a lefty jump-serve.

“I totally knew Trev was going to be pissed about it, too,” Bourne said, laughing.

“If you look at the video you can see my head peek back,” Crabb said. “I felt like it was coming and I see him land and I’m like, ‘He just jump-served.’ That’s right, bro I’m always looking.”

“I mean, who jump-serves opposite-handed in an elite tournament? Nobody does that!” Bourne said. “We win the point, and then Trevor is like ‘Hey! Serve this in!'”

“I said ‘Stay down, stay down!'” Crabb said. “Yeah, we were getting smushed.”